Today is the first day of the rest of your life

I'm in paradise, I live on a mountain in Danby Vermont, with my dear husband and pet dog and cat. We're empty nesters, and our daughter is well on the road to becoming her own success, living in Burlington.

The view outside my windows inspires me to celebrate every time I wake up. I don't mind winter, when the house is warm and the cold keeps me in to work on creative things.

I am getting older, but my spirit is still young , and grateful for all that I have and have done.

Compiling this collection of toy work has surprised me. I had stuffed alot of pictures into a box, and have another full of dissheveled album pages from an old portfolio. When I started to download them for this website, I was pleased to find some beautiful work, and remember having fun making all of it.

I'm going to show it to Ed, because he always has good ideas, and then put it out there to offer my skills to the world.

Wish me luck!

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